Luke Mueller, Evgin Yildiz and Merve Or have published a judgment review in AJP 3/2021. Does a law firm have to ensure its institutional independence? The federal court has BGer 2C_372/2020 of November 26, 2020 decided that an employed lawyer is personally obliged to meet the requirements of institutional independence according to Art. 8 Para. 1 lit. d BGFA. The lawyers’ AG, on the other hand, is not an addressee of Art. 8 BGFA. This also applies to companies in which one person is the only shareholder, member of the board of directors and lawyer entered in a cantonal register of lawyers. If the registered shares of the attorneys' AG are transferred to non-lawyers as a result of inheritance, division of inheritance, matrimonial property law or foreclosure, it is up to the attorneys remaining with the AG to personally ensure their institutional independence, such as Luke Mueller, Evgin Yildiz and Merve Or in "BGer 2C_372/2020: Institutional independence in the lawyers' AG and potential share acquisition by non-lawyers".