Swiss tenancy law is characterized by high demand but scarce supply. Tenants in Switzerland are relatively well protected in comparison to other European countries, as rental disputes in Switzerland can claim legal protection even with limited financial means. In the event of a dispute of up to CHF 30,000, access free arbitration is granted. If the parties cannot reach an amicable agreement during this conciliation hearing, the claims must be enforced through further legal proceedings. Thus, within the framework of a rental agreement, the parties (landlord and tenant) still have to deal with complex questions regarding rent, additional costs, defects in the rented property, subletting and termination. We offer you the appropriate legal protection and advise you competently and comprehensively in all tenancy law matters.

We will support you in finding solutions in disputes under tenancy and lease law and will be at your side in all tenancy law issues relating to renting of residential and business premises in a competent and speedy manner. We will also represent you in front of all state arbitration authorities and courts.


  • Contesting a Termination

  • Landlords and Tenants

  • Office and Commercial Enterprises

  • Protection Against Dismissals

  • Rent / Rent Increase

  • Incidental Expenses



Kaiser Odermatt interviewed in BTC-Echo

15 July 2022|

Anna Muheim ( from the blockchain magazine BTC-Echo interviewed Diego Benz about Crypto Valley. An exciting exchange arose over coffee, especially about what the Crypto Valley is and what it means for the different people