The project Drakkensberg, an ecosystem that integrates multiple actors and a diverse know-how, is dedicated to the fight against lethargy in the field of digital start-ups. Drakkensberg addresses and solves the problems related to the digital company foundation in a sustainable manner and proves that the vision of a digital and thus fast founding process can become a reality. Diego Benz and Philip Kaiser as founding members of the Drakkensberg project, together with the other actors in the ecosystem, presented how the entire process works step by step: Starting with the automated and efficient creation of the founding documents, through the certification of the same by a notary who is present, to the transmission of all documents via federal platforms (UPReg , Sedex, Privasphere) to the integration of the transmitted data in a structured form in the IT environment of the commercial register office. By accompanying the entire start-up process, a comprehensive picture of the current situation was drawn and at the same time it was shown which obstacles still have to be overcome before the company can be completely digitally founded.