Diego Benz and Philippe J.A. Kaiser could at the digital General Assembly of Yapeal AG participate, in which the shareholders cast their votes online and live via the platform of Daura could give. A GM at the click of a mouse. This not only leads to an efficient and cost-effective procedure, but also represents a promising solution with regard to the Corona crisis. Only for the certification of the resolutions Diego Benz were the physical presence of the chairman and the minute taker Yapeal AG still indispensable at Kaiser Odermatt & Partner AG.

At the latest with the Corona crisis, digitization is also in full swing in stock corporation law. The associated digital AGM undoubtedly represents the future for general meetings. The notaries of Kaiser Odermatt & Partner AG are thus laying the foundation for the AGM in a digital way and are accordingly ready for the implementation of the new developments in the area of ​​company law.